Quality Management Process

At SHOR Fishing, we attach great importance at our product quality. We import our product from different countries and suppliers. In that respect, we must have a strict quality control process to ensure that the quality matches our client’s standard.

  • Product tested by our tying partner ;
  • Most of dyeing perform by our team ;
  • Examination of the product before retail.

Tying Partner

First of all, the vast majority of our product are tested by our tying partner. Working in different regions and fishing different species, we ensure that the quality of our material meet the need for most of the tying and fishing community.

We often work on a single product during a year-long time span, so we know the quality meets our standards. We can trial up to 10 samples before selecting the right one.


For most of our product such as feather and animal hair, the dyeing is performed by our team. This way, we know very well that we can ensure the quality of a color and its steadiness.


The last step of our process is the bagging. Before putting our name on the product, a final validation of quality is done, keeping the risk at minimum.

Customer Satisfaction

Despite our strict quality control system, a trouble can fall through the cracks! If one of our products does not meet your criteria of quality, we encourage you to join us in order to settle the situation.