Social Implication

Fish Stocking

The restocking of our river is an issue close to our heart. A lot of them are sadly poor in terms of quantity of fish, mostly because of overfishing in the past. To address this issue, the team at SHOR Fishing want to get involved into fish stocking project.

We are actually working with different partners, so we can raise a maximum amount of money, so we can get this project done.

In partnership with retailers, communities and government, our goal by the end of 2020 is to restock a couple of river and lake in Québec. The purpose of this project is to offer sustainability to the great passion of fishing.


Over a number of years, the subject of bringing new fisherman to our river is important in the fishing community. To ensure the sustainability of the sport, there is a need for transferring the knowledge from an old-timer to new guys.

Thanks to a number of volunteers, there are a lot of groups emerging that encourage the development of future fly fishermen.

Furthermore, couples of schools do offer fly tying and fly fishing classes to their student. Thanks to some people in the school system, we can help them to bring more enthusiasts to develop more and more school programs.

You want to get involved and bring a fly fishing and fly tying activity to your community? Simply contact us and we can help you in the process.