Finally, the beginning of June has arrived. Summer is at our doorstep and the water level of the lakes and rivers seems to have stabilized. It’s now time for our first fly fishing trip of the season! Here are a couple of tips to help you getting ready.

THE LINE: Make sure that your fishing line isn’t cracked or dried out. You can do this by pulling the whole length out and then inspect it minutely by slowly sliding your fingers on it. If you feel any cracks, consider replacing it. Soak the line in soapy water while lightly rubbing it with the tips of your fingers before rinsing it with clean water and drying it with a towel. Don’t forget to stretch your line, this will help it to regain its flexibility and eliminate any kinks that it might have kept “in memory.”

THE ROD: Make sure that the first ceramic hole isn’t fissured. Also take time to inspect the different junctions and the support of the reel for any damage.

THE REEL: Make sure that the break is constant and the tension stable. This is of capital importance when battling a fish. A little bit of grease can be applied on the hub.

THE FLIES: Rust is your worst enemy! If any of the hooks in your chest gets rusty, you should immediately get rid of it. Not doing so might result in it contaminating the others and rust out your whole selection. Also make sure that you have all the necessary models and that the hooks are still sharp.

THE WADERS: Verifiy that there is no perforation and that they are still watertight. In case of a leak, a reparation can be attempted or you can simply return it the manufacturer for repair. Also make sure that your laces are still solid and good to go.

THE ACCESSORIES: Accessories like the nets, nippers, fly boxes, fishing vests and sling packs are all personal, but should still be inspected on a regular basis.

Once we are on the lake, being able to practise our hobby with peace of mind allows us to really enjoy the moment. Being adequately prepared is the key to a successful season!