Luc Hervé-Blouin

Young man from the Gaspé Peninsula, it’s at the age of 3 that Luc makes his debut into the world of fly fishing. He was lucky enough to learn on some of the most beautiful and pristine rivers of the peninsula. He was at the right place at the right time to see the return of striped bass in Gaspésie.

Now living in Sherbrooke, the musky, pike and bass are his specialty. Reading a body of water to find pikes and how to fish it depending on the different weather conditions is one of his specialties. For the last two seasons, he’s been trying his luck at catching muskellunge. When he fishes, he leaves nothing to chance. He makes his own luck by being on the water as much as he can to understand not only the fish, but also the way his flies react in the water. Luc has been tying his own flies for over 3 years now and understanding why, when and how to use a specific fly is essential to him. Every fly is tied to be used in a precise situation.

For the last two years, he participates to Simplement Plein Air, a radio show that also airs online. Every week, he delivers a ten minutes long chronicle about different aspects of fly fishing. He also does many presentations about pikes, striped basses, fly fishing and tying initiation at different fishing event in Sherbrook and elsewhere.

He is the co-founder of the APEX fly tying nights in Sherbrooke that debuted in 2019 and is also a fly fishing instructor for the Caudale fly-fishing school.

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